Welcome to the website of SY.N.TH.E.SI.
(SYnergetic New THesis for European education SImera)

Welcome to our website. You have just obtained the key to enter the cosy home of SY.N.TH.E.SI., a company, as its existence is legally defined, but which is actually the essence of an effort in which an excess of soul and energy was invested. Its creation did not follow any technocratic design or any kind of insincere purpose. Indeed, it arose as the need of a core group of people in education with innovative ideas who wanted not only to house somewhere their dream of a liberating education, of an education that “does not pester, does not trap, but really educates", not only to make a hospitable home for those who wanted to dream with them of such a purpose, but also to work together in order to create a humanly worthy future fighting with an only 'weapon', only defence, "their nails purple like cyclamen", as the poet says.

In our place, therefore, we will try to create those conditions which will acquaint you with our goal setting, philosophy and methodology on the important issue of education as well as a variety of other social issues and institutions.

Latest news

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New International Conference entitled "Evaluation of the Educator: the Authority and its Principles" to be held on September 30th, 2023


Election of new Board of Directors after the elections of September 24th, 2022
See the new Board of Directors here.


The program of our Scientific Meeting of September 2022 is announced (Greek text)
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New Scientific Meeting to be held on the 24th of September 2022 at 50 Akadimias street, "Antonis Tritsis" amphitheatre, in Athens.


The program of our International Conference of September 2021 is announced