Evaluation of the Educator: the Authority and its Principles

International Scientific Conference to be held on September 30th, 2023 at 50 Akadimias street, ‘Antonis Tritsis’ amphitheatre, in Athens.
Organizer: International, Interdisciplinary Society entitled SY.N.TH.E.SI. The Heuristic Teachers’ Society

Under the Aegis of
Municipality of Athens

The Transnational, Interdisciplinary Community SY.N.TH.E.SI.: The Circle of ‘Dead’ Edudators, in the context of a continuous effort to highlight education as an important institution for the social, cultural and economic development of the country, organizes an International Scientific Conference in Athens.

A key purpose of the conference is the analysis and critical approach of all dimensions or 'principles', overt and hidden, related to a critical issue that concerns not only the educational world but also the wider society for the evaluation of educational work, but also the essential evaluation of the work of teachers of all levels and not only of Primary and Secondary Education teachers. This includes the teachers’ evaluations in their valid, evidence and values-based explanations of their educational influences in their own learning and in the learning of others.

A second objective is directly related to the reflection on the issue of the feasibility served by the evaluation as it is introduced in our country, as well as to the actors involved in this process. A counterproposal for the assessment will be presented at the conference with the goal of development and improvement.


It is our intention that the presentations will be made both by scientists of education, evaluation and educational policy, as well as by teachers who are experiencing and evaluating the changes in education and their impasses.

One of the innovations in the conference program is planned to be the participation of student presenters who will freely present their opinions on the controversial topic. After all, SY.N.THE.SI. always highlights the important role of students as researchers and producers of knowledge.

Our Approach: Critique. We will attempt to delimit this issue and 'illuminate' it from many angles.

Key issues/questions:

The presenters will analyze important dimensions and give their own positions on the theme of the conference. The papers of the participants are expected to be included in a printed version after the end of the conference.

There are two planned sections of the program. In each section, the candidate presenters can declare another presentation topic.

The step of the Educators

Suggested topics for teachers

We will be particularly happy for the participation of younger lecturer friends in the proposed topics that follow.

The step of the students

The students evaluate the evaluation methods and propose their own positions


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Conference's poster (greek)